Does having an HMBradley Credit Card enable me to be eligible for a higher APY on my HMBradley Deposit Account?

Yes! HMBradley Credit Card customers are eligible for more interest and a higher annual percentage yield (APY) on their deposit account(s) if they fulfill the deposit, positive cash flow, and credit card spend requirements. For customers who have more than one deposit account, each deposit account must independently fulfill the deposit and positive cash flow requirements. However, the credit card spend requirement only needs to be met on the credit card account for the requirement to be considered fulfilled for the purposes of qualifying the deposit account(s) for a higher APY. 

This means that jointly held deposit accounts are eligible to qualify for a higher APY if either one of the account holders fulfills the credit spend requirement (provided that the account also fulfills the direct deposit and positive cash flow requirements, of course). Review the specific requirements and APYs here.

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