How soon will my available credit reflect payments I make on my HMBradley Credit Card?

If you pay your credit card bill with funds from your HMBradley Deposit  Account, we process the payment overnight on business days and will provide you with available credit for the amount of the payment on the same day the payment is made on your credit card account. You likely will not see the payment deducted from your HMBradley Deposit Account until the following business day. 

In addition, when you use your HMBradley Deposit Account to make payments toward your HMBradley Credit Card balance, those payments will not impact your savings rate. This is called Savings Tier Protection; read more about it here.

If you pay your credit card bill with funds from an external account, it typically takes five (5) business days to receive your payment, even though we post your payment on the day you make it. If the funds from the external account are sufficient to cover the payment due, we will free up your available credit equal to the payment amount. 

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