What is a Savings Tier Boost?

For customers who have both an HMBradley Credit Card and an HMBradley Deposit Account, earning a Savings Tier Boost increases the annual percentage yield (APY) on the customer’s Deposit Account(s) by 3 times (3x, i.e. a threefold increase in the APY to be earned in the next quarter). For example, if a deposit account customer with a credit card qualifies for Savings Tier 1 (1.00% APY) and a Tier Boost, the Boost allows the customer to earn 3.00% APY*  in the next quarter.  

Just like Savings Tiers, Tier Boosts are earned each quarter; a customer’s activity during the current quarter determines whether they will qualify for and earn a Tier Boost in the next quarter. See the Tier Boost Terms for more details. 


*See the current APYs for all Savings Tiers and Terms and Conditions.

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