What are the requirements to earn a Savings Tier Boost?

First, you must be eligible for the Savings Tier Boost Promotion, i.e. you must maintain a Deposit Account, meet the conditions for qualifying for a Savings Tier pursuant to the terms of the Deposit Agreement, and remain current and not in default on your HMBradley Credit Card. Second, to earn a Savings Tier Boost for the next quarter, you must deposit $1,500 in direct deposits each month to your HMBradley Deposit Account, and spend at least $100 on your HMBradley Credit Card each billing cycle during the quarter. If you meet these requirements for the entire current quarter, you will receive a Savings Tier Boost the following quarter. 

If you are a new HMBradley Credit Card customer, see this FAQ to learn how to meet the Savings Tier Boost Requirements.

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