Connecting your HMBradley account to a third-party application

What is a third party application?

A third party application is an external website, mobile app, or other product that connects to your HMBradley account to track transactions, balances, or other information. Examples of third party applications include many financial management or tracking apps like Wealthfront, Betterment, and others.

Why do you require unique passwords for third party applications?

When you connect your HMBradley account to one of these services, they gain access to the data within your account. While they have no access to take any actions with your account, they do have access to sensitive information in your account including:

 Generated username

 Generated password


 Transaction data

Depending on the platform's capabilities, they may have access to:

 Account numbers

 Ability to deposit or withdraw funds

These services do need to be able to log in to see your account data, which is very helpful to manage a budget or track expenses. Because some of this data is sensitive, it is important to use to help you secure your account as much as possible. This is why we require unique credentials that you will use for each individual application.

By generating a unique username and password for each third party application, your account will stay safe if the third party application has a security breach and your login credentials are exposed or compromised. We will be able to delete the access to your account specified by those credentials, and anyone who gets ahold of those credentials will not have full access to your account and would not be able to log in.

Please note that currently, we only share the available balance portion of your account with third parties. Any Plans you have will not be visible in other accounts for now. 

It is also worth noting that unique credentials are not required for Mint. You may link to Mint directly using your current HMBradley username and password. 


How do I generate credentials for a third party application?

In order to create a username and password to use to connect your account to another platform,

-Select "Account Details" tab in the profile menu (found by clicking the “profile” icon in the top right of your screen)

- Navigate to the "Security" tab

- Click "View App Credentials"


Next, click “Add new”


Enter a nickname for the account you will be connecting to


After clicking “Continue” this will show you your newly generated credentials. First, save this information, as we won’t show you this password again. Then, copy this one time username and password, and return to the third party app you are connecting to. Use these credentials to log in.


You can repeat this process as many times as you need to, with any number of external applications – we recommend generating a new set for each application. 

Now you’re all set! Your transaction and balance data will transfer automatically to any third party app you have connected!

What happens if I lose these credentials?

For security reasons, we will not save or store the password we create for you. If for whatever reason you ever need to use these credentials to reconnect your HMBradley account to your third party application again, you can use the same username and password, if you saved it for your records.

If you didn’t save it, that’s okay! Simply generate a new password by clicking the “Regenerate password” link, and use the new password to log in just like before. You’ll be reconnected in no time.


Ready to set up your first third party application? Click here to get started.






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