What are the eligibility requirements for the HMBradley Credit Card?

The HMBradley Credit Card is only available to HMBradley customers with an active deposit account. In order to be eligible, you must also maintain an average daily balance of at least $250, receive at least one direct deposit per month into your HMBradley deposit account, and meet our underwriting criteria. We are required by law to make sure you have the ability to repay the loan.

We estimate your gross income (income before taxes and other payroll deductions) using the direct deposits to your HMBradley deposit account. If you meet the other requirements and do not receive any offers or receive an offer with a lower credit limit than you expected, it may be because you are not directly depositing the full amount of your paycheck into your HMBradley account. This can result in our estimate of your gross income being lower than your actual income.

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