Waitlist Bonus Qualifying Terms

In order to be eligible for and receive a bonus, you will need to:

  1. i) Open an account within 60 days of accounts becoming available to the public on hmbradley.com
  2. ii) Set up and receive at least one recurring direct deposit into your HMBradley account within 60 days of account opening

3% APY bonus paid on the total amount of direct deposits made in a new HMBradley account in the first 30 days from the first direct deposit and for the period between customer sign-up on waitlist until accounts are available on hmbradley.com (Bonus not to exceed $500). Must open a HMBradley account within 60 days from date accounts become available on hmbradley.com. Must make one direct deposit in the first 60 days. No minimum deposit required for bonus or to open an account. Bonus paid by the 60th day after the first direct deposit in the account.

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