An authorized user is a person who has been added to a credit card account by the primary cardholder. Authorized users are able to use your line of credit by making purchases on the credit account using a unique credit card that has been distributed to them. Authorized users cannot manage the credit card and carry no liability for credit card spend and payments, so be sure to only give authorization to someone you trust.  

See the HMBradley Credit Card Account Agreement for details on authorized users at


  Primary Cardholder Authorized User
Credit Check? Yes No
Will receive a credit card in your name? Yes Yes
Earns cashback rewards on eligible purchases? Yes Yes
Manages cards and credit account Yes No
Legally liable for paying credit card debt Yes No
Payment history reported to Credit Bureaus Yes No*

* HMBradley may report credit activity and payment history to credit bureaus for authorized users, per the Credit Card Account Agreement. We do not currently report credit activity and payment history for authorized users to credit bureaus. We will notify customers in advance if this were to change in the future.

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