Introduction to Routines

Learn how the Routines feature can equip you to create automated saving and spending workflows within your HMBradley financial ecosystem. You can build your own workflow or use a template to build financial management Routines that are personal and unique to you - all on one platform. From automatically allocating income to Plans, to categorizing transactions for spend management, you can effortlessly watch your wealth build over time.

Routines can be found in the left navigation in an HMBradley profile on desktop/browser versions of your HMBradley account. Routines are currently unavailable on HMBradley’s iOS and Android apps. 


Current Limits and Considerations

You can add up to ten Routines to an HMBradley profile. It’s important to note that routines that are turned off (disabled) do not count against this limit. Routines are designed to have one action assigned per Routine– adding more than one action within a Routine is not yet available.

Below, we’ll cover the considerations and options that matter most when organizing, troubleshooting, and modifying Routines.


Viewing Routines

You can view a list of your Routines by navigating to the Routines page on the left hand navigation in your HMBradley account. Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can search for a Routine based on the Routine name, trigger, action, or status.


Turning Routines On or Off

A Routine will automatically be activated after it is created. To turn the Routine off, click on the three dots next to the Routine and select ‘Disable.’ To reactivate a Routine, click on the three dots next to the Routine and select ‘Enable.’


Editing a Routine

An action or trigger on a Routine can be edited by navigating to the Routines page in your account. Start by clicking on the three dots next to the Routine, then select ‘Edit.’


Deleting a Routine

To delete a Routine, begin by turning the Routine off (see instructions under Turning Routines On or Off). Next, click on the menu options arrow next to the name of the Routine and click ‘Delete.’

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